• What are the special features of your Pre-school?

Our very special feature is that we follow “Global” teaching methodologies (mainly Montessori based) and charge as per Indian rates i.e provide education at very affordable rates with absolutely no compromise on quality of education. We provide a place for children where they come happily and learn a lot. Every part of it is a valuable arena of learning. Star Montessori has a very colorful & child friendly environment.
We emphasize learning by doing, step by step. It stimulates and satisfies a child’s curiosity and enlarges the child’s mental horizon.

  • What age Group Children do you take in the School?

We admit children from age Group of 1.5 years to 6 years

  • Do you provide mid-day meal?

We do not officially provide mid-day meal however we have pantry house where Hot water & hot food can be served, if the need arises.

  • What is the student teacher ratio?

The efforts are made to keep it low to give children good care. The child and adult ratio normally is 10:1 i.e. 1 teacher for every 10 student. With this kind of ratio, our teachers ensure that no child is left out and teachers are able to give equal attention to all students present in the class. Thereby Star Montessori ensures equal learning for all.

  • What are the school timings?

The School timings for Children are 9:00 to 12:00 (5 days – Monday to Friday) during Summers & from 9:30 to 12:30 (5 days – Monday to Friday) during winters. The Office remains open for 6 days (Monday to Saturday) from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Parents can meet the Class Teacher on Saturdays after taking a prior appointment.

  • What is the qualification/background of teacher that we have?

The minimum qualification that we require for the teacher profile at Star Montessori is a Graduate. We preferably hire A Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) Certified staff to do the job. Staff is provided updates & trainings regularly based on different topics either academics, activities, lesson planning or class management etc. to enhance their skills.

  • What is the teaching method Star Montessori follow?

Primarily we follow the concept of “Learning by Doing” using international “Montessori based methodologies”. This activity based method, as per the child’s age and environment, is used to teach them. Our entire focus is on the child and all the activities go around him. These activities are not only to clarify the concepts but also to meet the various needs of the child such as refinement of senses, motor development & the development of Art & Dance at the same time.

  • How do you prepare children for formal school?

The children are given a lot of practice through a series of Mock-Interactive Sessions conducted from time to time. We prepare each child by introducing the academics to them. It includes everything, which a child requires to know before he/she joins any formal school like color concepts, phonetics, alphabets, numbers, vocabulary, etc. Along with these, we also focus on building their social skills by giving them the overall development. We boost their confidence, emotional security etc. that they will need the most when joining formal school.

  • Does Star Montessori has any formal school?

No, we don’t have any formal school as of now. However, we have understanding with some formal schools in the region where admission of our children is confirmed after completion of pre-school education.

  • Is there any transport facility of school?

School transport is available. The charges vary as per the distance.

  • Is School Uniform compulsory?

The specially designed colorful uniform is recommended. This tradition contributes a strong sense of community at the School with an added benefit of having a neat & well groomed child.

  • Do you converse in English with the Kids?

In the beginning the child is made comfortable in the school by making use of both the languages to express himself. Gradually the child is conditioned to English commands, which is the requirement of the time

  • Are Books necessary?

Specially designed Activity Books are used according to the age group of children. These are tailor made for concept development and are full of exciting activities for the children